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Finding Your Heart's Path with Intuitive Readings/Life Coaching and a Daily Dose of Divinity

We are all born with an intuitive voice. This voice is the wisdom of our heart and our soul, and it leads us on a path of learning throughout our lives. With Liz Vance’s Intuitive Life Coaching, she connects with the voice of your heart, and helps you find deeper meaning in the events of your life. Liz is a Claivoyant and is able to see energy and she calls her sessions "intuitive readings."

Individual Readings with Liz help you to:

~Trust your inner voice
~Find your unique purpose
~Give your life focus
~Reduce stress and anxiety
~Work with important and/or problematic relationships
~Alleviate fears and addictions
~Discover meaningful life work

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As an Intuitive Life Coach and Clairvoyant, Liz Vance helps hundreds of people around the world from Los Angeles to New York and into Europe.  Liz works with people through her phone sessions, on-site consultations in Albuquerque, NM, as well as YouTube Videos, classes, and video seminars.

   ~~~~~Daily Dose of Divinity!~~~~~

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View and dowload your own video seminar created by Liz. Each video is filled with insightful guidance and super-charged with energy and love so you are healed and inspired at a deep level.

Offering Gratitude and Love to all of you!

My spiritual practice is based on gratitude and love and I feel deeply grateful for the honor of being a part of your journey, whether it is just in this moment as you look at my website or whether I get the divine luck of connecting with you in person. This short video is a tribute to my clients over the years who have shared a part of their lives with me.

Much love and light,
Liz Vance

Readings with Liz Vance

Individual Intuitive Readings

Get support, guidance, and clarity on any and all areas of your life.

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Group Readings 2nd and 4th Monday

Single Group Reading - $15
Package of 4 -  $50

Listen to a sample of the opening of a group reading.

Join Liz Vance at 7:00 MST, every 1st Monday of the month for a night of intuitive insight, self-growth, and inspiration. Find out more about Group Readings.

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