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Group Phone Readings

It is powerful and healing to connect with people of like mind and like heart in a group setting. I have been holding groups for almost 20 years now. Being able to have the sessions in a phone seminar allows us to connect in a divine space from the comfort of our home with people all over the world! These groups have great energy and everyone learns and grows so much from each other's presence.

Group Phone Readings

2nd Monday of the Month

Single Group Reading $15
Package of 4 Group Readings $50

Join me on the 2nd Monday of every month at 7:00 MST for a night of intuitive insight, self growth, and inspiration.

A group phone reading includes an opening prayer and general message for the group, time for one question from each participant, a guided meditation, and a closing prayer. There's great energy on these calls and I hope you can join us.

As soon as you sign up, I will email you the phone number for the call. The number is always the same and I monitor the group online so I can call on you when it's your turn to ask a question.

Daily Dose of Divinity

Every day at 1pm, I do a 1 minute prayer/healing/meditation. To join me, go to Intuitiveliz

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