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“We always laugh and learn a lot during Liz’s classes!  Her unique, light-hearted energy and joyful sense of humor have helped me ‘lighten up’ as I find my truth.”   ---Diana, Albuquerque, NM

Yes, learning and growing can be fun! My intuition seminars and Reiki classes are empowering experiences for my students and for me. I am continually impressed by the shifts people make in the workshops and in their lives. I hope you can attend. It's beautiful to watch people open their minds and hearts to their intuition and creativity. While my classes are transformational, they are also a lot of fun.

Weekly classes and groups in Albuquerque, NM. Contact Liz for information

Awakening your Divine Voice

Receive a divine attunement that will connect you to your inner voice, the voice of your heart and soul. We will do exercises to activate our intuitive mind and get answers for ourselves on questions we have about our lives. I will then do a group reading and healing.

Intuition and Creativity

Learn to connect with your intuitive voice so you can do intuitive readings for yourself and your friends. This class helps you to find answers and guidance to various life questions. By tapping into your creativity, I help you to find your heart and to live a more balanced life.

Advanced Intuition

In this class, we will deepen our intuition and creativity through guided meditation and exercises that connect us to our true self.

Reiki I

Learn to channel life force energy through your hands to heal yourself and others. Reiki is an ancient healing art that is both powerful and simple. This class will awaken the healer within everyone.

Reiki II

Learn three sacred symbols to enhance and direct the energy of Reiki. You will also learn how to do long-distance treatments. Reiki I is required for this class.

Reiki Mastery

This final Reiki class enhances your treatments and gives you the ability to teach Reiki. This is a life altering class and will open you to an expansive energy and a life that is filled with joy and love. Reiki I and II are required for this class.

Other Areas

If you would like to sponsor a seminar in your area, please email or call me. I would love to travel to your area to give a seminar, provided that you have 8 people to attend.

Upcoming Workshops

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Video Healing Seminars

Video Healing Seminars have been created just for you to view in the comfort of your own home. View Videos to find out more and download the perfect video for you!

Group Readings 2nd and 4th Monday

Single Group Reading - $15
Package of 4 -  $50

Join Liz Vance at 7:30 MST, every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month for a night of intuitive insight, self-growth, and inspiration. Find out more about Group Readings.

Individual Intuitive Readings

Prices offered with a sliding scale. Select the payment are comfortable paying, and select "Buy Now".

1 Hour Intuitive Reading
45 Minute Intuitive Reading
1/2 Hour Intuitive Reading


These readings give clarity and support for you to move forward in your life. Some topics are:

   • Relationships
   • Friendships
   • Career Path
   • Life Path
   • Health
   • Pets

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